We will discuss, in this article, growing popularity of SMS Marketing – cheap, and instant tool which aims to increase sales, and bring new loyal clients.

All SMS traffic can be divided into 3 segments: SMS marketing, transaction marketing, and service-information. Last two options will be always in demand, but is there a future for advertisement message?

Even though, SMS Marketing has been widely used among many companies, it is too late to bury it considering development of Social Media Platforms, and Social Media Advertisement. The reason is that SMS Marketing is the most targeted, and accurate channel of communication. This type of advertisement, addressed to a specific person, works the best.

What can you do with your existing client’s list?

There are so many ways to attract your clients, and keep them up to date with your product.

  1. First of all, you can sent automated messages to your new subscribers, or new clients. After a new number (contact) has been added to the group, your client will automatically receive a “Welcome” message.
  2. Suppose, a person refused to buy your product and has not become your customer, yet. However, you have his contact details, and can easily approach him, again, through offering other services, or discounts. Perhaps, other options, services, will attract him more, and be able to convert into a client.
  3. In addition, there are so many things (apart from advertisement and promotions) which can be done for clients. You can congratulate them on their Birthday, New Year, or professional holidays. This is one of the best ways to build thrust, and good relations with your clients.
  4. Effective management of your existing database allows to sort it by location, gender, or even designation. It will make possible to send the right message to the right people, without spamming them.
  5. SMS Marketing can be used as a tool for brand awareness, increasing sales, rebranding, or turning visitors into loyal customers. Everything depends on how you use database, and your product. Creativity and uniqueness are keys to success.

In order to create a successful, and win-win SMS Marketing campaign, it is very important to plan every step, to the last detail. It is essential to monitor the reaction and response of the customers, in order to be able to correct the situation accordingly. According to statistics, 95% of received messages are read by its receivers, which is a very good indicator of efficiency. All these makes SMS Marketing another effective channel of interaction with customers.