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We are Buford Global Marketing Agency, a creative web development and digital marketing agency with over 20 years’ experience. We’re a highly experienced team of developers, designers, copywriters, digital strategists and account managers, and we spend our days planning, testing, designing, coding and writing.

Social Media Marketing

From conception to content marketing strategy, amplification and social media management, we drive leads to your product or service. We create bespoke content that is specifically designed to engage and inspire a wide range audiences and buyers.

Web / Mobile Design and Development

Our in house graphic design team contribute to a wide range of branding, and content creation projects. We design and build a range of websites, micro sites and landing pages. We also provide hosting, graphic design, and support services.

SEO and PPC Adverts

We define strategies to target specific keywords and optimize content and websites. We also proactively manage PPC adverts and campaigns.

Bluetooth/Beacon Marketing

It operates on wireless technology to reach target audience nearby your establishment with direct response message. It allows brands to instantly get in touch with prospects in nearest localities such as malls, airports, cinemas, food courts, etc. which provides more impulsive and direct interface.

WhatsApp Marketing

We help to briskly connect with right audience and get marvelous results. WhatsApp mass messaging doesn’t break the advertising law because it isn’t SMS. Absolute innovation in advertising sphere that matches your business needs; with lasting advertisement effect.

Radio SMS

Radio SMS Plus platform is one of the most powerful of its type, a perfect way to offer added value to current and potential advertisers. It enhances and eases listener communications, at the same time reducing your time and expenditures.

SMS Marketing

24 x 7 x 365 monitoring on your campaign to keep you amazingly updated. We have 15 Million of Database, filters to send by Area, Income, Gender, Nationalities & more. We use ultra-sophisticated web tools to manage your SMS campaigns.

SMS Server

It allows brands to let spread their wings with high performance SMS gateway and reach mass. Offer reliable coverage to 578 networks in 192 countries to get the maximum benefit from SMS communication. We make most out of our remarkable SMS Gateway service.

SMS Short/Long Code

Provide hassle free & easy to remember 4 to 6 digits mobile number to send & receive messages. Proffer unique long code/virtual number service that allows two-way global communications through sms. This enable enterprises to build their brand recognition & offers value added services.

Email Marketing

An ability to swiftly and without any fuss reach mass. An unbeatable medium to acquire customer, drive sales, and retain customer. Provide a unique service to build business relationships, increase your sales by promoting your products and services in the countries and the audience of your choice.  

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